Player Ratings

How are Player Ratings determined?

If you play in any sanctioned tournaments, you may have a UTPR (USA Pickleball Tournament Rating) or DUPR rating. DUPR is a Pickleball rating app where you can create or participate in regular games or matches and track and record your results. DUPR is the official rating system for PPA, MLP, APP, etc.

Player Ratings at Pickleball Charlotte are used for many different events including Open Play, Tournaments, Group Play, and more. We provide and require ratings at each of our facilities to ensure everyone is playing with similarly skilled individuals. Once provided with a rating by a qualified Pickleball Charlotte Staff member, players can register for any event or activity in CourtReserve that matches their assigned rating.

The information below summarizes the minimum expectations needed for each level of play.  To sign up for a Rating Evaluation, please call 704-583-1444 ext 3, email [email protected], or stop by one of our locations to be placed in an appropriate Open Play session for your first evaluation.