Player Ratings

How are Player Ratings determined?

Player Ratings for Pickleball are used for many different events including Open Play, Tournaments, Group Play, and even Court Rentals. Once provided with a rating, players can be assured to play events with like skill levels to maximize their enjoyment of the game!

If you play in any sanctioned tournaments, you may have a UTPR (USA Pickleball Tournament Rating). Many players have also started to track their own ratings by participating in DUPR Matches. DUPR is a Pickleball rating app where you can create or participate in regular games or matches and track and record your results.

All players playing at Pickleball Charlotte will be assigned a PBC Rating by one of our directors. If you do not have a rating, or would like to be reevaluated, please see one of our directors the next time you are at an Open Play session or Rental at Pickleball Charlotte.