Nets, Net Systems & Consulting

Are you still playing on “temporary nets”? Are you looking for a “Real Pickleball Net System” that is Durable, Affordable and Portable? Good luck finding one. We couldn’t find one, so we designed and built our own!

Pickleball Charlotte has over 60 Pickleball Courts in Charlotte, NC and has teamed up with Sports Connection to build and sell our PBC Premier Portable Net System. We also have developed our own ATP Net that is custom made to be tapered and hang parallel with the ground  to allow balls to easily roll underneath the net.

Whether you need a complete Net System with a “real” net,  or just replacing your old Pickleball nets that are dragging on the ground or stopping balls from consistently rolling under the net, we have a solution for you.

If you are looking to open your own Pickleball location and need some help getting started, or you are already in the Pickleball business and want to discuss how to improve your current operations, we are glad to help.

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(A Tapered Pickleball Net)

NEW ATP Net On A PBC Net System

Bottom Vinyl Piece Is Tapered
Bottom Vinyl Is Parallel With Ground
Regulation 31 Inch Custom Pickleball Net
5 Inch Clearance For Balls To Easily Roll Under
Center Grommet For Tie Down If Needed For Wind
$180 Per Net (plus tax)

Pickleball Charlotte

NEW ATP Net System On Standard Poles

OLD Style 36 Inch Nets
Drags On The Ground
Cannot Roll Ball Under
Collects Debris, Dirt And Water

Try an ATP Net for one week.
If all your players do not love being able to roll the ball under the net
and the sleek uniform look of the net not appearing to sag in the middle,
we will offer you a full refund.

OLD Style 31 Inch Nets
Not Tapered – Sags In The Middle
Not Parallel With Ground – Sags In Middle
Cannot Roll Ball Under Everywhere – Only On Ends

PBC Premier Net System


Portable – No Need For Holes In Asphalt / Concrete
Heavy Duty Steel Frame – Approx. 200 pounds
Regulation 31″ Net – Special Tapered Bottom
Adjustable Net Tension – No Bulky Crank
Clearance For Balls To Roll Under
Retractable Wheels (Optional)
Free Delivery In NC / SC
Pickleball Ball Holders
Made In Charlotte NC
$1,850 (plus tax)

Pickleball Charlotte


Pickleball Charlotte Outdoors
Charlotte NC

Pickleball Charlotte Indoors
Charlotte NC

HOP (House Of Pickleball)
Leland NC

Myers Park Country Club
Charlotte NC

Del Webb at Grande Dunes
Myrtle Beach SC

Wheel Option To Easily Move Nets
$250 Per Net System

Pickleball Consulting Services

Are you looking to open your own Pickleball location? We have 4 locations in Charlotte and have helped many others with their projects.

Do you have questions on business plans, overall design, court layout, court construction, nets, lights, divider nets/curtains, software, pricing, programs, etc? We have researched all the best options and are glad to share what we have learned.

Are you wanting to build indoor courts with “outdoor surface on top of concrete”? We have 27 of those. Are you wanting to build indoor courts on “multi-purpose surface”? We have 18 of those. Are you wanting to build outdoor courts on “asphalt”. We have 16 of those.

Come visit us in Charlotte and play and see first hand of what we have done and discuss your project. Contact Us For More Information.